A commercial mortgage is like any other mortgage except the loan is secured by a commercial property (such as an office building or industrial warehouse). Commercial mortgages can be made as first liens or can be obtained through subordinate financing. In most cases, commercial mortgages are generally from 5-10 years term however multi-property mortgages can take up to more than 20 years. 

Commercial mortgages are generally subject to extensive underwriting and require a site tour, environmental report, a financial review, and due diligence on the applicant  and legal borrowing entity. Lenders look at credit score, bank statement, time-in-business, and financial statements.  

Commercial loans are ideal for those who are looking to build or expand their commercial or industrial properties. Edward Barr can help you find the right commercial mortgage to ensure that it will be both financially beneficial and help you attain your goals in the market.

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