A home mortgage is a loan that uses your property (or home) as security to ensure that all debt and borrowed finances are returned. You will have a payment period during which time you are obligated to return all loaned finances. Failure to do so will result in the seizure of your home or property in order to repay the unpaid portion.

Edward Barr is an experienced Toronto mortgage broker who has been helping clients get mortgages for over 8 years. With a banking background that further enhances his knowledge of the market, he has a strong understanding of the many different mortgage options and how your current financial circumstances may benefit from the right mortgage plan.

After evaluating your current credit score and financial situation, Edward Barr analyzes which mortgage plan would be both easiest and most beneficial for the future – making it clear why going for the lowest rate is not always the best option.

Furthermore, Edward helps clients evaluate their current financial circumstances and credit history, not only to establish the smartest next step, but to also help rebuild credit history and increase credit scores. After all, the stronger the credit score, the higher your chances of approval and good rates.

Whether you filed for a consumer proposal or bankruptcy, waiting 7 years for a clear record doesn’t always help. During this time you may have no active credit and as a result of your situation, no options to build credit and credit card and loan applications might be rejected. This is why a good Toronto mortgage broker helps bruised credit by providing a secure credit card that can go on your credit store – it will help shore financial responsibility and also help built credit.

Regardless the situation, Edward always makes sure to keep in touch with all his clients. He values your business relationship, making it easy and convenient to be reached at any time, day or night. Unlike financial institutions where a response may take several days or even weeks, a Toronto mortgage broker as experienced as Edward ensures to get back to clients within a short period of time and get the mortgage process underway.